James T. Porter, Jr. started Recycled Materials, Inc. in April of 1993 to fulfill his vision of helping companies minimize their waste costs through recycling. Fifteen years of firsthand experience with waste at Porter Carpet Mills--a Cartersville, GA, manufacturer and seller of commercial carpet--convinced Jim that recycling was smart business. Other companies were sure to realize the value of properly handling their scrap material.

RMI's initial growth began with restaurants, schools, and commercial users of large quantities of aluminum cans. As packaging materials moved more toward plastics, Jim focused his efforts on the many forms of waste produced by the quickly changing technologies and styles. He found buyers for plastic bottles, barrels, and other scrap. Having identified the buyers, the next step was to secure continuous sources of unmingled scrap by pinpointing the generators of the materials.

At the time, no other recyclers were willing to take more than one category of waste material. Established networks of scrap metal and scrap paper companies did not handle plastics, and very few plastics recyclers were in place. RMI courted bottlers, bottle makers, and other manufacturers for their scrap plastic and provided a solution for other categories of waste as well. This wide range of service sparked further growth of the company.

In 1999, RMI moved to Murphy Avenue in southwest Atlanta and purchased the assets of another recycler, Industrial Recycling Services, Inc. The purchase provided the grinding, shredding, and baling capacity needed to expand into new markets. RMI continued to acquire additional grinding capacity, a horizontal baler, and numerous trailers.

RMI opened its current Bucknell location in 2006 and eventually consolidated all operations into that more modern facility in early 2010. Quality control equipment such as aspirators, magnets, and a melt indexer enable the company to maintain the highest possible standards.

Quality product is rivaled only by the quality of relationships that RMI forges with customers and employees. We treat people honestly and fairly. Our employees know that we seek to provide meaningful work, in a stable work environment, and material livelihood for them and their families. Our customers know that we do what we say we will do…because our reputation precedes us. Integrity is at our core.

We look forward to serving you.

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